We recognize that a well-informed public is vital to democracy. Through educational programs, we strive to both improve local working and student journalists and to provide ways to better inform the public that consumes the news in all its forms, which now include not only print and broadcast formats, but also blogs and the many forms of social media rapidly gaining popularity and importance.

We accomplish our mission with activities such hosting speaking engagements and panels on topics currently in the news, as well as forums, regional seminars and conferences. Some areas we consider most important are journalism ethics, diversity, freedom of information, open records and meetings and government transparency in general.

Our goal is to support programs educating the providers and consumers of the news media on vital issues. Examples of programs we wish to support include issues of governmental transparency, ethical reporting, First Amendment issues, privacy and open meeting/open records laws, diversity and others that are necessary for our democracy to thrive.

Our prime fundraiser is the annual Front Page Follies dinner, auction and show, this year on June 17, 2017. Take a look at our Follies pages for more information!